Delivery available to all of the mainland UK and Ireland!

Everything You Need To Know!

So you've ordered your brand new hot tub. What next? Delivery and positioning is Included in the price and very simple but you need to be prepared for it.

This section will provide important information that will ensure the delivery of your new hot tub will be safe, secure, and timely. This is guideline on how best to prepare for the delivery of your hot tub including the delivery access, ground preparation, and electrical requirements. Remember to thoroughly read the owners manual provided with your spa, and also to complete the warranty registration within the time stated after delivery.


Before signing for any delivered items, please make sure that you have inspected the packaging for damage and if necessary take photographs. We cannot be held responsible for any claims made for damaged items once the goods have been delivered and signed for.


Ensure that you have a structurally sound, level surface, which has enough width for your hot tub. Paving slabs or concrete bases are usually used and hot tubs can be put on decking as long as it is reinforced. If your tub is to be enclosed, build a base first, the position the tub and building the decking around afterwards.


Spa City will send two delivery drivers on the day and ask that at least one fit able bodied person may be on site to assist with moving the tub into position in case of any difficulties.

If there is a small amount of steps, rough terrain or other difficulties you can envisage please ensure there is two or three fit able bodied people to assist our team. For access we also require 1.1m width and the for height take the width of your hot tub and add 200mm as the hot tub is manoeuvred on its side. Spa City drivers are not permitted to make any amendments to the customers property and we ask that any amendments that need to be made are done before the arrival of our team (i.e. the removal of fence panels, etc.)

If the drivers deem the customer is unprepared for delivery and/or the item unsafe to install they can leave the product on their own discretion. If for any reason any return visits are required an additional labour charge will be required.

Pre Delivery Requirements
*Our team of installation engineers will do all they can to prior plan your installation to ensure all goes well on the day. However, there are some requirements that we insist on prior to delivery. Failure to conduct these activities may result in any offered warranty becoming void.

*Note: These requirements are over and above the electrical requirements outlined in the electrical requirements section.

Level Ground underneath hot tub location & on full access route
It is a requirement that all customers make the necessary arrangements to ensure that the ground where the hot tub will be situated & the access path should be prepared firm, level, compact clear of any potentially damaging obstructions and capable of withstanding a ground loading of 0.5t/m2. Normally, loading onto decking is adequate but it should be reinforced to accommodate the extra load. All our hot tubs come with a plastic load spreading base to ensure that the full weight of the hot tub is dissipated over the full area. Spa City will take no responsibility should the ground underneath the hot tub not be adherent to the above points. Our Hot Tubs are delivered & positioned using the industry proven 'Spa-Sled', and will be delivered by a 2 man team.

Water Supply available to installation site.
Although not a pre requisite, it is strongly advised that there is a valid water supply available to the hot tub installation area. Standard practices are an extra long hose pipe or purchasing a pack to install onto your kitchen tap which will enable you to fill your tub.

Drainage Available to Hot Tub Location
Hot Tub water treatment these days are extremely advanced, but it is advised that the water is changed out depending on your usage, sometimes this is 8 weeks and other times it can last upto 6 months with the same water depending on how it is treated. Whatever the case, you need to consider how the water will be drained to avoid flooding of your garden. We recommend the use of a suction pump however a hose pipe connected to the drain valve on the hot tub to the drain port will be more than adequate.

Deliveries without Adequate Installation

In the event that there is no access to the site or lifting is required over a wall, outhouse, flights of stairs, etc. the customer will be responsible to organise a suitable crane or other lifting equipment. When the tub is being lifted the responsibility for safety and any damage which occurs to the tub or property is not the responsibility of Spa City.