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These are some of our frequently asked questions. If you do not see your question below you can call our team or contact us via our contact us page.

Q. Is it expensive to run a hot tub?
A. It only costs 90p - £1.10 per day to run a hot tub depending on how much you use it.

Q. How much will the cleaning chemicals cost per month?
A. Our chemical packs are competitively priced at £35.99 and last for 2-3 months.

Q. Do you provide customer after care?
A. At Spa City we believe in creating a fantastic customer journey from start to finish. Customer care is our priority in business, we like to make sure that every customer is happy. All our customers are encouraged to complete a customer satisfaction survey so we can always improve on our already amazing service.

Q. What kind of electrical supply do I need?
A. All our hot tubs require a 32Amp external power supply.

Q. How do I install this power supply?
A. If you do not have a 32Amp power supply you will need a registered electrician to visit and install a circuit breaker in your electrical consumer unit and run a cable near your hot tub you will also need a waterproof isolator switch installed near to your hot tub..

Q. How do I fill and drain the Hot Tub?
A. You can use a garden hosepipe to fill your tub and also to drain it too by attaching it to the drain valve which is provided so you can empty the spa. If you have adequate drainage you may also be able to open the drain valves with out the use of a hose pipe.

Q. Will the hot tub fit through a door/fence?
A. All our height and width measurements are available to view on our delivery and instillation page.

Q. How do I get the hot tub into my rear garden when I have no access?
A. You will need a crane depending on the distance required to travel. They are not too expensive to hire.

Q. Can I install my hot tub anywhere?
A. Yes. As long as there is adequate clearance for the installation.

Q. Can I use the hot tub immediately?
A. No. You need to wait for 8-12 hours after first applying the first dose of chemicals. It will also need time to heat up.

Q. How long does the filter last?
A. This depends upon how often you use the hot tub but typically it lasts for 3 - 6 months. You can check our maintenance page for more information.

Q: What does the warranty cover?
A. All our warranties cover all components on our hot tubs.